Warning Signs: How You Can Avoid the Collapse of Your Austin Roofing System

If your Austin roofing system collapsed, it would be a terrible nightmare for you. A roof collapse can happen any time throughout the year due to abundant precipitation and high wind.

Intense rains can drive huge amounts of water to your roof, and, when this happens very frequently, the risk is even greater. This risk is greater in the case of flat roofs and low-slope roofs because the amount of precipitation accumulated on the surface of the roof takes longer to drain and, therefore, puts more pressure on the roof surface and structure.

There are some signs that could indicate the imminent collapse of your roof:

  • Severe/repeated leakage;
  • Sagging sections of interior ceiling or exterior shingles;
  • Crack in the exterior masonry;
  • Sprinkler heads dropped below the ceiling tiles;
  • Ripples, bends or deformities in your roof’s structure, framing or supports;
  • Windows and doors that are more difficult to open or often pop up without any apparent reason;
  • Bowed or bent utility conduits or pipes at ceiling.

Once you notice any of these signs, do not let the damage linger and contact a Lon Smith Austin roofing firm to evaluate the condition of your roof and make the necessary repairs.

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