The Team to Face Roof Damage: You, Your Insurer and Omaha Roofing Companies

You, the insurance company and Omaha roofing companies should be on the same team when it comes to your roof’s condition. Their common goal should be putting your home back to the original shape after a devastating storm.

To reach this goal, communication is the main ingredient. Do not forget that the insurance company is not your adversary, because they need satisfied clients and can only get them if they cooperate and handle claims quickly and correctly.

Be careful with your roof, as damage resulted from a branch that rubbed your roof and caused a hole in it will be covered, but the roof will not be repaired, nor the tree will be trimmed by the insurer. What you should learn from this is that you must permanently care about your roof and have it regularly maintained and repaired.

When the roof is damaged, the insurance adjuster is the only person who can determine the extent of the damage. Everyone else could have an opinion, but it would not count. Although the adjuster might accept input from homeowners or the Omaha roofing companies they work with, his/her decision is final, but logical arguments could help.

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