Statistics According to Denver Propane Delivery Companies

According to Denver propane delivery companies, approximately 180.000 miles of fuel pipeline span the US. Out of that, about 60.000 transport crude oil, 60.000 carry refined petroleum and other 60.000 carry liquefied gas.

The last category includes propane, butane, isobutane and ethane. All of these by-products result from natural gas and petroleum processing. A national rise in oil production means US propane supplies are at an all time high, resulting in 1.6 million barrels of propane daily.

When it comes to nationwide usage, 45% of the propane used goes to the petrochemical industry, 42% is used by commercial and residential users, 10% for farming and industrial applications, and 3% for transportation.

Cars running on propane emit less CO2 and particles and are cheaper to operate than those running on gasoline. According to studies, propane burns cleaner than gasoline, thanks to its low carbon content.

The US is heavily focused on energy independence, with propane being one of the building blocks. It is estimated that there are resources for another 200 years of domestic propane production. With propane being one of the cleanest fuels the US extraction industry has to offer, Denver propane delivery companies thrive and continually expand on the market.

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