Setting Up And Adjusting Ergonomic Office Chairs

Some people who use ergonomic office chairs realize only after a long time that the chairs have adjustment options or functions that they never knew about.

Here are the typical adjustment options; some chairs have them all, while others have only a few of them available. More adjustment options mean more comfort but also more money.

  • Seat height adjuster

When you are using a chair for the first time, you should use the lever under the chair (in some cases, there may be a special button instead of the lever) and raise the seat as high as possible, then lower it gradually until you find the best height for you.

  • Seat depth adjuster

It allows you to slide the seat in or out to accommodate your legs. If you want to be as comfortable as possible, make sure that the back of your knee joint is not exactly at the seat edge otherwise you may experience pain and bad circulation in your legs.

  • Lumbar support adjuster

The back of some chairs can be rose or lowered, for proper lumbar support and individual comfort.

  • Arm angle and height adjuster

It is particularly important for keeping your shoulders relaxed. Fixed arms are often an inconvenience.

  • Tilt tension adjuster

It is used to recline in ergonomic office chairs and prevent awkward back positions.

Can I get office chairs online? YES, using the info above as a guide, I searched several office furniture websites and found exactly what I was looking for at a price I could afford.

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