Its been quite awhile since I've gone down to Beaver Dam Spillway (Which is just across the road from The Ward Museum) looking to catch some rainbow trout. When I was a kid I'd hop on my bike and cruise on down, and just have a blast catching these beautiful fish. My bait of choice back then was Velveta Cheese with a small hook and split shot. The Velveta works great when you make a little ball and stick it on the hook, but you have to be ready for that first little bite, and if you missed it the bait would be gone.(So be Ready) One day I can remember catching about 60, and on many days I would land at least 20 or so.

After purchasing my license this year, and making sure to get my $5.00 trout stamp, I went on down to Beaver Dam to give it a shot. There was a few guys down there using some green looking stuff I believe made by powerbait.  I put on my old boyhood favorite velveta, and was hooked up just like that, but pulled in a big old bluegill. After missing about 10 more bites I landed another bluegill, and then another bluegill. I see its going to be harder than when I was a kid, maybe I wasn't holding my jaw right. Talking with the other guys they had caught about 3 in the last 4 hours or so. I did see a guy  catch one on a tenny-wee crawfish lure. So I thought I would change tactics, and try something different. Eagle Claw makes these little rubber worms only about 2 inches long for panfish. (See Picture Above)  I kept the same set-up with a small hook and sliding sinker, but put on the little worm. My first cast I reeled it slow and steady with no bites. Then next cast I fished it like a rubber worm just letting it set a few seconds then giving it a little jerk, and thats all it took. After about one and a half hours I had my 5 fish limit, and was on my way home to get out my filet knife. I know these are farm raised trout, but since we don't have wild ones around here, its pretty cool catching something different. I think I'll just catch & release the next ones I get, because man they sure are hard to filet out. I did have a great time catching these rainbows, and I think I'll try it again in a week or so, and maybe I'll be lucky enough to land one of those golden trout .



02/29/2012 19:27

Sure looks like you found the right answer with some trial and error. I like Velveta cheese ball also. Just quite successful for me years ago on the local pond trout.

03/01/2012 06:27

Hey Mel,
I'm going to try those little worms again, and we'll see if it was a fluke or not.

02/29/2012 20:20

Nice! I've been skunked my first two trips this year....I'll be out again in a few days and I'm hoping to land a decent one...

03/01/2012 06:24

Good luck out there RM, just make sure you're holding your jaw right.

06/27/2013 03:55

You got some nice catch here. Like you, I also love fishing. But instead on fishing on river, I love to fish on sea. There you can find much bigger fishes and the chances of hooking is more. Thank you for sharing your fishing experience.


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01/17/2014 22:59

Great Post.. I am get amazed after saw this post.. It is very informative to all.. Thank you very much for this info and keep going....

01/29/2014 02:42

Congratulations, you are some brave people! Respect for being the first to do this. That was an awesome adventure!


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