Las Vegas Pool Services and Supplies: the Proper Set of Equipment for Your Pool

In the city of Las Vegas pool services and supplies are easy commodities to come by. Pool maintenance is a breeze once you have the right tools for the job. Here is a must-have list of equipment for any pool owner and enthusiast:

  • Sweepers are necessary for outdoor pools that are constantly exposed to the elements. Manual sweeping equipment is the cheapest, although automated systems will save you more time. There are 3 main types of automatic pool cleaners: suction-side, pressure-side and robotic.
  • Filters are meant to retain pollutants and keep your water clear, with the aid of an electric pump. There are 3 types of pool filters available: DE, sand and cartridge.
  • Sanitizers neutralize organic pollutants such as germs, sweat or sun lotion. The most widely used pool sanitizer is chlorine, followed by bromine. Bromine is used in hot tubs due to its resistance to high temperature and lack of odor.
  • Test kits are used to check the water’s chemical levels. In desert conditions, it’s recommended that you test your pool water once every week.

Whatever your pool needs, the Las Vegas pool services and supplies market is sure to deliver!

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