Highlands Ranch Dentists Help You With Your Tartar

Highlands Ranch dentists find it highly annoying when patients do not know what tartar is. It is even more stressful when people do not know the dangers of it.

Tartar is a mixture of bacteria, proteins and food remains. It looks like a white-yellow gunk that sticks to your teeth. You can feel it when you place your tongue on your teeth. So, why is this such a big danger to our oral hygiene?

For one thing, tartar is also responsible for halitosis. The fact that bacteria mixes with food remains makes it even worse. It is a condition we all have, and it is treated through daily brushing. However, some have forgotten where they placed their toothbrush and toothpaste. For them, tartar becomes a bigger enemy as it can calcify while stuck to the teeth. The calcified product can lead to gum bleeding, gum retraction and even gingivitis. If you find yourself in this phase, you need to seek immediate treatment found at coloradosmiledesign.com/. The procedure is called dental cleaning and it consists in the use of ultrasounds to break the calcification off the tooth. Highlands Ranch dentists say that simply by brushing, you can avoid this situation.

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