Essential Information on Mona Lisa Procedure and Vaginal Atrophy

Vaginal atrophy, one of the conditions that can be effectively treated with the help of the Mona Lisa procedure, affects a great number of women of all ages. Here are some interesting things about its manifestations, the categories of patients experiencing it and the available treatment options:

The condition, also known as “aging of the vagina”, has a great number of symptoms. Among them, urination discomfort and even pain, a sensation of itchiness in the vagina and permanent vaginal dryness are the most common. Also, the patients can experience pain during intercourse, a condition known as “dyspareunia”.

Women reaching menopause are the most significant category of patients affected by vaginal atrophy, but they are not the only ones experiencing it. Younger women who used contraceptive pills for a long period of time or those who breastfeed may also be diagnosed with this condition. According to numerous studies in the field, about 40% of the mature woman population may experience the symptoms of vaginal atrophy at a certain point in their life.

The administration of synthetic hormones, also known as “hormone replacement therapy”, is the classic treatment for this affection. However, although effective at reducing or even eliminating symptoms, the effects it produces last only as long as the treatment is administrated. Unlike it, the Mona Lisa touch Houston area procedure delivers permanent results.

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