Denver Psychiatrists Effectively Treat Agoraphobia and Claustrophobia

Sometimes, Denver psychiatrists say, people react irrationally to normal environmental factors or everyday life situations. Those experiencing this kind of problems must not be marginalized and considered “crazy” by the ones around them. This type of reaction makes people suffering from phobias to isolate themselves, contributing to the aggravation of the condition.

Instead, they have to be convinced by their family members and friends to see a psychiatrist specialized in identifying and treating the conditions in this category. It is the same in case of claustrophobia and agoraphobia, two of the most commonly met types of phobias people living in the modern society suffer from.

Claustrophobia, a term that literary means “fear of closing” describes the exaggerated fear of small and enclosed spaces, like phone boots, subway stations or elevators. Patients affected by this condition experience hyperventilation sensations, an accelerated heartbeat rhythm, and, in aggravated cases, fainting. The organic symptoms are usually associated with the urge to exit the closed space.

Agoraphobia, or “marketplace fear”, is another condition affecting a great number of people, with crowded, large places as the object of their fear. Those suffering from it experience panic attacks when they go to the theatre, to the hypermarket or when they visit a museum. To help the patients overcome their fear, Denver psychiatrists, like the experts at Rocky Mountain Psychiatry, use a therapy form known as “direct exposure”.

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