Dallas Roofing Tiles Varieties

Choosing between the many available roofing tile models can be a quite difficult task, especially when you do not know much about the alternatives you have. With the help of the below listed information, your mission becomes less complicated:

  • Curved tiles are easier to install than other roofing tiles varieties, especially when compared to hollow tiles. Among the elements they feature is also one that allows them to interlock at one of the heads. On the downside, compared to their counterparts, curved tiles leave less space for the air to flow, and the ventilation of the attic is not that good.
  • Plain tiles resemble a sheet, and they are installed following a pattern called “broken bond”. As commercial roofing Dallas contractors say, this tile variety is the ideal choice for roofs featuring a pitch with the inclination angle of 35 degrees or more. As for the appearance they confer to the building, it is pretty much the same as with asphalt shingles.
  • If the roof’s pitch has an inclination of 25 degrees, roofing specialists recommend that you go for hollow tiles. Thanks to the fact that they are slightly curved at one side, the water drains properly and the risk of humidity appearing into the attic is low to none. The main drawback associated with hollow tiles is that they are difficult to install.
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