Cost of Commercial Parking Lot Sweeping

You may be wondering about the cost of commercial building maintenance. Commercial parking lot sweeping is necessary for any business that provides customer parking spaces. The cost of this procedure varies according to different instances:

  • Parking Lot Size – Some companies have 30 spots, while others have 500 or more. Bigger parking lots are more expensive to clean, but generally have a lower per-space rate.
  • Geographic Location – Parking lot sweeping costs vary across the country. Generally speaking, areas with a higher cost of living will also have larger than average sweeping costs. In smaller towns or rural areas, hourly labor rates tend to be smaller.
  • Business Type – The type of business you run will dictate the amount of trash left behind in the parking lot. Dirtier lots take more time to clean, so services will cost you more.
  • Frequency – Cleaning companies will recommend you an optimum cleaning schedule. Some businesses need parking lot sweeping once a week, while others require nightly sweeping.
  • Obstructions – Your parking lot’s layout will impact the price of cleaning. Parking lots with many islands, tight curves and frequent speed bumps will take longer to clean, generating a higher price per visit.

These are the main points that dictate the price of commercial parking lot sweeping.

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