A Big Congrats to Asher Messick on bagging this nice Buck on the youth day.   This deer is much bigger than the first one he shot back in 2010. Way to Go Asher!

Lets not forget Asher's Dad Robbie shown at the bottom left with a nice Bow Kill bagged just a few days before the youth hunt. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                   Asher's 1st. Deer...

Way to Go Field for the Big Win in Easton Maryland.  My brother was there for the whole contest, and he had you picked to win easily, and actually said that you Blew the rest of them away with that awesome routine and the lifelike calls. Now the difficult question is which call will we be ordering. My bro has the matrix so maybe the Aftershock, or possibly the Adrenaline. Once Again Congrats on the Win......

  • I know this is an old RePost, but I've heard some recent barking on this subject.
I recently stopped by a local sporting goods store in princess anne maryand and noticed a picture of a hunter with what appeared to be a coyote. Gary Wink owner of Winks Sporting Goods who took the picture, and said that the hunter actually stopped by his store with the coyote so he could see it in person. Gary's son Jamie said that it was shot in worcester county near the williard's area, and because it was a large coyote some hair was being sent off for testing to see if it was maybe a coy or hybrid. Doing some research online I found out the average weight is about 40lbs. and that coyotes were first documented in maryland during 1972 with the highest populations on the western shore & the lowest on the eastern shore.

I've heard stories of them being spotted in dorchester & queen anne counties, but not any on the lower shore area until now. With the coyotes great ability to adapt, and a recent analysis in virginia verifying an approximate 29 percent annual growth rate in its population & maryland's having a similar trend coyotes could become the norm on delmarva and who knows I might already have one or two in my backyard. Whether that's good or bad I'm not sure. (Probably the latter)  but I guess only time will tell.
( If anyone has a coyote sighting on delmarva please leave a comment below, so we can keep  track of them). 

No. 01 (A Ride to The Country)
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My Post on Maryland Whitetail-

After some lunch today I was on my way to one of my favorite places, Dorchester.  Didn't see to many hunters out today, but I'm sure more will be around for the finally.  I hit the outgoing tide, and the Rock were definitely there, and breaking on the surface chasing menhaden.  After casting a barrage of different lures I ended up with 2 nice keepers.  Not huge, but the biggest coming in at 21 inches fits just right in the frying pan. My rod might look a little funny in one of the pictures, as it couldn't stand the strain, and snapped right in half.  Oh well that's what I get for buying on the cheap, and it's ok because my wife has been wanting a nice rock dinner.  Also had enough time to hit the Woods, looking for a sika, but I came up Short on that.  Heard a couple bugle's out farther in the marsh which is always cool to hear.  Had a great time, and hoping to get back soon.....

                                                    I know its deer season, but that doesn't mean it's the only action out there.
                                                                                Just click on the pictures to Enlarge them.
Never been to Wyoming, but I would Definitely go on this Trip.  A 5 Day all expense paid Hunt worth Approx. 7200.00.  Sounds Good to me.
Another Cool Trip Hunting Mule Deer in Colorado with an Approx. Value of 12,000. Worth a Shot!
After putting in for a waterfowl permit I was lucky enough to get drawn for a hunt on the big blackwater river which is part of the Blackwater Refuge.  The only problem was I didn't make the time to do a scout before the hunt, and without a GPS ( Which I'll be getting Soon ) I knew better to go out in the dark. So after a breakfast stop I headed on down So I could get there around noon which would give me plenty of time to scout around, and take a few cast's.  The map they give you shows where the blind sites are, but without the GPS the sites aren't marked like I thought they would be.  So it ended up more like a scout & cast which was fine with me, because just being out there was pretty cool.  I did hear a bunch of ducks quacking back in the marsh, probably  some of the released mallards from the nearby RSA Private Clubs.  After scooting around one of the islands I did manage to pick up a nice 2lb bass on a sassy shad, but the ducks seemed to be sitting tight as it was a beautiful bluebird day, and not very ducky.   Around 4:00 the ducks did start moving around, but they were flying over high heading into the nearby flooded woods to kick back for the night. ( Mostly all woodies ). I did have a few big fat blacks fly right by me on the way in, and some geese started moving just after sunset, but no wild game to cook up this time, but like I said that's okay because it was cool just being out there. ( Maybe Next Time ) 

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Things are really rough just north of us here on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.  Us Delmarva folks still have some Bad Flooding with many Tree's down, but nothing like up in Jersey.  There are some who seem to be enjoying the flooded fields as these ducks come in for some easy grubbing. Not sure how this will affect the Waterfowl migration, we'll have to wait, and see what happens.. ( Good Luck to Everyone Dealing with the Affects of Sandy, and GOD BLESS)

The Main Road in Snow Hill. Yikes...
The Road through the Pocomoke Forest which goes to where I Deer Hunt. Looks like maybe I should be Duck Hunting..
The Beach in Ocean City is Looking pretty mellow compared to a couple days ago..